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Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless Smart Speaker

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless Smart Speaker

The new Zeppelin has been reimagined for the streaming age. It’s now both smarter and more flexible, while its high-fidelity sound is more beautiful, insightful, and dynamic than ever. All the key features previously found in Zeppelin Wireless are still present or upgraded, including AirPlay 2 and aptX Adaptive, alongside Spotify Connect. Plus, it includes integrated Alexa voice control and streaming service support for a wide range of providers, all accessed by the Bowers & Wilkins Music App.

With the new Zeppelin, you no longer have to choose between a fully-featured wireless speaker with the streaming services you need and a sleek, sophisticated design with the room filling sound you want. Now, you can have both.

Form Follows Function
Like all B&W products, the design of the new Zeppelin is defined by its acoustics. The driver placement creates the beautiful and instantly recognisable design that has been its signature for over 15 years.

Extraordinary Sound Quality
Every generation of Zeppelin has been the best-sounding system of its era. The new Zeppelin, that combines proven drive unit technology with a new high-resolution streaming platform, is simply the best yet.

The Music You Love, Instantly
Whatever you want to listen to, the new Zeppelin has you covered, with high-resolution playback and access to a wide range of streaming services plus support for Spotify Connect, AirPlay 2 and aptX Adaptive.

Connected, Smart, Intuitive
Now with built-in Alexa support and a scalable wireless platform, the new Zeppelin can be updated with new features over time, including multi-room listening.

Proprietary Drive Units
Built on a proven acoustic platform, five premium drive units share proprietary Bowers & Wilkins loudspeaker designs, an approach found in our premium floor-standing speakers, including our reference 800 Series Diamond models – as used in Abbey Road Studios. Nothing else comes close.

High Resolution Sound
Utilising advances in processing power the latest Zeppelin incorporates the most advance DSP of any previous generation, this combined with a powerful DAC gives you the best performance with any of your music.

Form Meets Function
Form meets function in this purposeful design. Five, well-spaced and carefully positioned premium drive units bring your music to life with room-filling stereo sound.

Just ask for your favourite song and built in Alexa support will take care of the rest.

Listen to Deezer, Last.fm, Qobuz, Soundcloud, TiDAL and much more, all from our effortless Bowers & Wilkins Music App, plus Spotify Connect, AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth aptX Adaptive offer all the support you need for other music sources. Whatever you want to listen to, the new Zeppelin has you covered.

Technical features
Bowers & Wilkins Music App (with Deezer, Qobuz and TIDAL support)
Apple® AirPlay 2®
Spotify Connect
Bluetooth In
Digital Signal Processing
Dynamic EQ


aptX™ Adaptive

AirPlay 2 compatibility
iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with iOS 11.4 or later, Apple TV 4K or Apple TV (4th Generation) with tv OS 11.4 or later, Mac or PC with iTunes 12.8 or later

Amplifier Power output

Drive Units
HF 2x 25mm (1”) double dome tweeters
MF 2x 90mm (3 1/2”) FST midrange
LF 1x 150mm (6”) subwoofer

Frequency Response
35Hz to 24kHz

Height: 210mm
Width: 650mm
Depth: 194mm


USB–C – Service Only

Input Voltage
100V - 240V, 50/60Hz

Power Consumption
Below 2 Watts (Sleep)