Audio T - Nura Nuraphone Wireless Headphones
Nura Nuraphone Wireless Headphones

Nura Nuraphone Wireless Headphones

The world's smartest headphones. With the Nuraphone, experience a complete reinvention of the headphone from the ground up

At their core is a self-learning engine built into the nuraphone that automatically learns and adapts to your unique hearing. Hear your favorite music for the first time. The nuraphone delivers bass you can feel, while maintaining crystal clear detail.

It works by splitting the melodic sounds to an in-ear speaker, and the bass sounds to an over-ear tactile driver that delivers the sound through your skin. For the first time you can adjust your level of immersion. Stand at the back of the room, or in the front row.

Nuraphone delivers audio tailored just to you!
The Nuraphone adapts its sound to suit the way you hear. Then when you listen to music it'll match your hearing so you'll get excellent sound quality from all your favourites. And with the Nura app you can futureproof your headphones with updates.

How it works
The nuraphone plays a range of tones into the ear, and then measures a very faint sound that your ear generates in response to these tones called the Otoacoustic Emission (OAE). This tiny signal originates in the cochlea and vibrates the ear drum, turning it into a speaker and playing sound back out of your ear. Yes our ears make sound! This sound is about 10,000 times smaller than the sound that went in.

Encoded in the returning sound wave is information about how well you heard the sound that went in. The nuraphone uses an extremely sensitive microphone to detect this returning sound wave, and a self learning engine built into the nuraphone to create your profile. No buttons or knobs. It all happens automatically and in about 60 seconds. It is a little bit magic.

Once the nuraphone has created your hearing profile it sonically shapes your music so that it matches your hearing system and delivers all the detail of the music you love. Once personalised you can listen to your favorite music in stunning detail from your favorite player.

Active Noise Cancelling
Sometimes you just want to lose yourself to the music. With active noise cancelling you can block out all outside noise and get truly immersed in your latest playlist. If you need to let a bit of the world in, switch to social mode and you'll hear if someone pops over to talk to you.

Nura has revolutionised gaming audio, bringing enemies and environments into the sharpest focus. Adapted to your unique hearing profile, dive deeper into games than ever before. A true upgrade in hearing that will give you the competitive edge. A detachable microphone means you have the versatility of a world class gaming setup and the ultimate headphones for enjoying music. Simply unplug the Nuraphone Gaming Microphone to enjoy your Nuraphone on the go.

The detachable microphone is available as a bundle with the Nuraphone headphones above.

Dimensions: 190 x 170 x 88mm
Weight: 329g
Connectivity: Bluetooth aptX HD, Universal Wired (Lightning, USB-C, micro-USB, analog)
Battery: Up to 20hrs Lithium Ion Battery, full charge in 3 hrs
Noise Isolation: Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) + Dual passive isolation
Materials: Japanese steel, aluminium cups, Bio-compatible, Soft-Touch silicone material
Microphone: External microphone for voice calls
In the box: Nuraphone, Analog cable, USB-A charging cable, Soft travel case, Multi-sized eartips

Gaming Microphone
Dimensions: 80mm x 190mm x 180mm, 2m cable length
Weight: 80g
Connectivity: 3.5mm (1/8") analog connection, connects to Xbox, PC/Mac, Playstation, Switch, Mobile
Microphone: Unidirectional microphone sensitivity -51dB
Compatibility: Compatible with the Nuraphone
In the box: Nuraphone Gaming Microphone, Secure Hook