Audio T - Naim NAC-N 272 Streaming Pre Amplifier - Audio T Recommends
Naim NAC-N 272 Streaming Pre Amplifier - Audio T Recommends

Naim NAC-N 272 Streaming Pre Amplifier - Audio T Recommends

If you combine the NAC-N 272 with a matching Naim power amplifier like the NAP250 or NAP300 you will have a highly capable music system that is able to playback digital/analogue music from a vast array of sources including for the first time DSD64 files.

To see how flexible this champ is just look at all these Playback features;

• High quality preamplifier including improved version of Naim hybrid volume control
• UPnP-enabled to allow streaming of audio files at up to 24bit/192kHz resolution from Naim hard disk servers, network-attached storage (NAS) devices or any home computer
• Supports a broad range of music formats: WAV, FLAC, Apple Lossless, DSF64 or DFF64 DSD, AIFF, AAC, Windows Media-formatted files, Ogg Vorbis and MP3
• Spotify Connect built-in to stream millions of songs from the world’s most popular
streaming service
• Six 24bit/192kHz-capable digital inputs (S/PDIF) for sources such as diverse as CD players, TVs, laptops and games consoles
• Bluetooth connectivity with high quality aptX audio codec
• vTuner 5* full-service internet radio
• Optional DAB+/DAB/FM radio module
• Multiroom & Party Mode compatible
• iOS and Android Naim app for intuitive control

Performance and engineering features:

• Unique Naim electronic design combining award-winning digital and analogue technology
• Powerful 40bit DSP (digital signal processor) with unique Naim software authored to achieve optimum sound quality and eliminate jitter
• Naim single-ended Class-A headphone amplifier
• Large toroidal power supply with separate windings for each section of product
• Performance-upgradable with XP5 XS, XPS and 555 PS power supplies
• Hand-matched, discrete analogue components selected through listening tests
• Inputs individually hand-wired and relay switched to decouple from interference
• Non-magnetic anodised aluminium casework to reduce resonance and create premium
Naim finish
• Engineered and hand-built by Naim in Salisbury, England

The NAC-N 272 is designed with the same principles as every other Naim Audio product. The aim is always to offer a superior product both in engineering and audio terms - Contact one of our stores today to arrange to hear this Naim product and more!



Preamplifier: (2 x DIN, 1 x RCA), Line (1 x RCA), Digital S/PDIF (1 x BNC), Headphones (1 x 6.3mm)
Preamp Output: 775mV
Line output:275mV
Frequency Response: 4Hz – 40kHz
S/N Ratio: 87dB (measured at 2V in, 775mV out)

Analogue Inputs: 3 ( 1 x DIN, 2 x RCA)
Analogue Input Sensitivity: 275mV (good for 2V sources)
Analogue Input Overload: 34dB
Digital Inputs: 6 (1 x BNC, 2 x RCA, 3 x TosLink)
Digital Input Sample Rate: Coaxial – 192kHz, Optical – 96kHz
Other Inputs: DAB/FM, USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
iRadio Service vTuner 5* full service

Audio Formats:
WAV and AIFF (up to 32bit/192kHz), FLAC (up to 24bit/192kHz), ALAC (up to 24bit/96kHz), WMA (up to 16bit/48kHz), Ogg Vorbis (up to 16bit/48kHz), MP3, M4a (up to 320kbit/s), Playlists (M3U, PLS), DSF64 or DFF64, Gapless playback supported on MP3, M4A, AIFF, WAV, FLAC and ALAC.

Internet radio formats supported:
AAC, Windows Media™ formatted content, MP3 streams, MMS, Ogg Vorbis, Spotify® Connect: Ogg Vorbis (up to 320kps)Bluetooth (NAC-N 272 only): SBC, AAC, aptX and aptX-LL

Upgrade Interface: mini-USB
Wi-Fi Compatibility: 802.11b and 802.11g
Power Consumption Idle: 21W
Mains Supply: 100V, 115V or 230V, 50/60Hz
Power Supply Options: 555 PS, XPS, XP5 XS
Dimensions: (H x W x D) 87 x 432 x 314mm
Weight: 12.5kg
Finish: Black anodised aluminium with brushed and black anodised fascia