Audio T - Rega Elex-R Amplifier - Audio T Recommends
Rega Elex-R Amplifier - Audio T Recommends

Rega Elex-R Amplifier - Audio T Recommends

The Elex-R is constructed to very high standards and utilises the full size Rega housing from the Elicit-R allowing plenty of heat dissipation from the 90w into 6ohms amplifier.

The output stage and turntable input are also borrowed from the Elicit and guarantee a superb musical performance with plenty of dynamics and detail in spades.

The volume control design is of the type normally found only in high end broadcast equipment, primarily used because of its ability to allow un-paralleled levels of channel level matching along with minimum distortion levels. The keeps the stereo image stable and focussed.

Time, effort & money have been spent on developing the circuit and construction utilizing the highest specification of components throughout. As part of the design Rega have included useful features like pre-amplifier output, to enable the new Elex-R amplifier to be used in a wide combination of systems and have avoided superfluous gadgets such as tone controls or a headphone socket as they can obstruct the signal path and degrade the produced sound quality.

Our Manchester Store recently summed up the sound of the Elex-R as follows "Compared to the Rega Brio-R, the Elex-R was more detailed and open, pace and timing was much improved over the Brio-R" and "even though the Elex-R is a kind of hybrid love child of the Brio-R and Elicit-R, it's sound is more a kin to the Elicit-R"

Key features

  • Rega custom full width case with improved heat dissipation
  • Combined feedback & passive volume control pre-amp
  • 90 watts per channel into 6 Ohms / 72 watts into 8ohms
  • High specification integrated phono stage
  • New multi-lingual user manual
  • Enhanced power supplies for the driver stage
  • Hybrid of the Brio-R and Elicit-R design
  • Dedicated mini remote handset included
  • Pre-amp out / Record out / 4 line inputs
  • New custom transformer


  • Power Supply
  • Voltage: 230v
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Power Consumption: 250 Watts
  • 230v Fuse: T3.15AL 20mm

Output power

  • 72.5W 8Ω both channels driven - Design centre rating    
  • 90W 6Ω both channels driven - Rega speaker impedance rating
  • 113W 4Ω both channels driven

Phono input

  • Sensitivity (72.5W 8Ω1.7mV (Load 47K in parallel with 220pF)
  • Maximum input level: 100mV

Line input

  • Sensitivity (72.5W 8Ω 164mv (Load 30-50K)
  • Maximum input level: 10v

Tape output

  • Level: 164mV with rated input
  • Output impedance: 470

Line output

  • Level: 625mV with rated input
  • Output impedance: 600