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Situated near the very centre of Reading, our store first opened its doors way back in 1974 under the name of Reading Cassette & Hi-Fi. Audio T took over the business, with Simon Walker as the new manager, in 1996.
Our focus and passion has always been, and will remain, predominantly music (2 channel), concentrating on the new technologies such as audio streaming, high resolution audio and storage advice, as well as the more traditional vinyl and CD based systems up to and including the high end.
We have an enviable reputation in turntable set-up and service especially, but not exclusively, of Linn LP12s, Well Tempered and Rega turntables along with a range of cartridges to complement them.
With one of the nicest Hi-Fi demonstration rooms in the business, (as our suppliers and customers keep telling us) why not join us in a nice hot beverage and your favourite music and discover why we love doing what we do so much?
Our strength lies in ‘system building’. We aim to enable our customers to realise the greatest performance from their investment through our deep understanding of the products we carry, building quality systems at all cost levels.

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Meet the team

Gareth - Store Manager: Joined Audio T end of 2017
Favourite Music - Jazz, Classical, Experimental, More Jazz
Favourite Artist - Miles Davis
Favourite Composer - Jean Sibelius
First System - One of those ITT jobs where the lid came off to make the speakers
Current System - Bricasti / Nagra / Harbeth


Rishi - Sales Consultant: Joined Audio T in March 2022
Rishi graduated as an Electronic Engineer in 2002, building an Active Crossover for his final year project. He later moved to forge a 15-year career in Customer Quality Assurance within healthcare. Joining Audio T is a new and exciting venture, and a heartfelt move to follow his long standing passion for music, film and all things hi-fi/audio-visual. It means a lot to Rishi to make friends and make people feel happy, so he couldn’t be more chuffed to be assisting and supporting customers on their musical and cinematic hi-fi adventures.
Favourite Genres: Ambient & Dub Techno, Experimental, IDM, Jazz, Neoclassical, World, etc.
Favourite Artists: Aphex Twin, GoGo Penguin, Ólafur Arnalds, Pantha du Prince, Pole, Shed, etc.
Favourite Movies: Casino Royale, The Italian Job (2003), Coco, Whiplash, Green Book, BTTF, etc.
First System: Marantz CD67 MkII / Cambridge Audio A3i / Mordaunt Short MS20i Pearl
Current System: Pro-Ject X2 / Pro-Ject S2 Ultra / Stack Audio Link II and Vault / Rega Saturn / Chord Qutest / Exposure 3010S2D / ATC SCM11 / Audioquest Cobalt / HiFiMan Sundara

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Car parking at Broad St Mall, above the store.

We'll Pay Your Parking

With increased pressure to park in and around town these days we hope this will be a small but useful service that will encourage you to visit us. If you come into the store and buy something we will reimburse your parking fees. To claim your refund you MUST ask the salesperson before you make payment and we will credit against your purchase.