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A warm, welcoming atmosphere and knowledgeable, experienced staff make Audio T Swansea the best destination for quality Home Cinema and Hi-Fi in the local area and we regularly greet customers from Carmarthenshire, Gower, Neath, Port Talbot, Bridgend, Llanelli, Pembrokeshire, Brecon, Aberystwyth and farther afield in store. With over 50 years experience between us, we are well-equipped to deal with your needs, whether it’s a Hi-Fi system or a full-blown Multi-Room installation.

Our main showroom features a wide range of Hi-Fi, from turntables to the latest streaming and multi-room products. Our fully refurbished ground floor 2-channel room features a full Audio-Note valve system setup. Also, we have the upstairs demo room where most of the traditional stereo Hi-Fi demonstrations take place.

We can supply and install simple or more complex Hi-Fi systems, from a simple stereo, multi-room music or a fully automated home cinema system. Whether you’re looking for a simple room revamp or a full new build, we work with you and a specialist installer to help you to plan, design and install the complete home audio system for you. This can include automated lighting and system control for the entire home.

We look forward to seeing you in store soon, and please feel free to bring some of your own music or movies in. The kettle is always warm!

Turntable Servicing - We are able to service most turntables, and can discuss upgrades which can be cost effective but offer substantial improvements.

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Meet the team

Nic - Store Manager: Joined Audio T in 1991
First job: Sales office in local Oil and Chemical Distributor
Favourite Music: Big fan of Blues, Country and folk. Some recent favourites include Anna Calvi, Susanne Sundfor, Melody Gardot, Kate Rusby and Tom Waits. Can’t forget the old favourites like Prince, Stevie Ray Vaughan, John Martyn etc, etc...
Favourite concerts: Old one – Lenny Kravitz in Leicester De-Montfort Hall. Recently – Eddi Reader at Pontardawe Arts Centre, a tiny town hall proving that small venues are often the best experiences.
First system: Dual 505/3, NAD 3020e and Celestion DL4
Current system: Rega P10, Rega Aria phono stage, Bluesound Vault, Rega Elex MKIV, Acoustic Energy AE500.
Dream system: Rega Naia with Aura phono stage, Linn streamer with Chord Electronics Dave and M-scaler, Chord pre/power with ATCSCM100 speakers.


Adrian - Sales Consultant: Joined Audio T in 2002
First job: Technical Assistant to a Civil Engineer
Musical tastes: The Cult and The Cure to start with; too much dance, ambient and rock to list in the middle and more recently, Ben Harper, Goldfrapp, Kings of Leon and The Black Keys. I also enjoy funk, classical and jazz (though not the modern stuff, or Steely Dan, or Cleo Laine.)
Favourite gig: Goldfrapp at Somerset House
Favourite film: too close to call between The Usual Suspects, Twelve Angry Men (original version) and the Lord of the Rings director’s cut trilogy
First system: Well, after the inherited Sharp "music centre" and the Matsui ghetto blaster I bought a Systemdek IIX, Linn Basik arm, Goldring cart, Rotel RA840 amp and Celestion DL6 speakers from this very store.
Current system: Primare hi-fi and home cinema electronics with Focal Profile loudspeakers.
Dream system: Rega Naia with Aura phono stage, Linn streamer with Chord Electronics Dave and M-scaler, Chord pre/power with ATCSCM100 speakers.

Andy - Sales Consultant: Joined Audio T in 2022
First job: Stockroom assistant in Shoe Shop
Musical tastes: Tough question. I've got the much used phrase "eclectic tastes". But the one constant since my teenage years would be The Smiths.
First gig: The Jam, Nov. 82 at the Afan Lido, Port Talbot.
Favourite film:  Again tough question, far too many to list, but having seen it recently again, "The Third Man".
First system: Inherited from my Dad. AR 77XB turntable with a Shure 75 cartridge, Sansui Amplifier and Kef speakers. I thought it sounded amazing! I was 11.
Current system:  Had a Linn Lp12/Lingo/Ekos/Koetsu Urushi but sold it as I thought the Rega 10/Aphelion was now a better combination than it. However the Rega Naia has been now been announced/introduced..... In the meantime I've a Naim CDi, Michell Delphini Dual Mono phono stage (when I decide which TT to have!), Conrad Johnson PV10B pre-amp, Art Audio Concerto power amp, Sonus Faber Grand Piano loudspeakers. Soon to be joined by a Bluesound Node.
Dream system: Rega Naiad, Esoteric Grandiose Cd transport, Auralic Aries G3 streaming transport, Chord Electronics Dave/Upsampler,  Conrad Johnson Art phono stage/Pre/Mono Amps, Sonus Faber Stradivarius loudspeakers.

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All day parking is available at the railway station 150m from the store on the opposite side of the road.

We'll Pay Your Parking

With increased pressure to park in and around town these days we hope this will be a small but useful service that will encourage you to visit us. If you come into the store and buy something we will reimburse your parking fees. To claim your refund you MUST ask the salesperson before you make payment and we will credit against your purchase.