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Welcome to Audio T Bristol

The Bristol store is situated on the ever popular and vibrant Park Street in central Bristol. Here you will be greeted by friendly knowledgeable staff who have many years experience between them. The store boasts two demonstration rooms and a range of Hi-Fi and home cinema products to suit your every need. You are encouraged to bring down your own music/movies so you can experience the delights on offer. We regularly enjoy greeting customers from Bath, Chippenham, Chepstow, Warminster,Shepton Mallet and Weston-Super-Mare. So come in and we will show you what you've been missing.

Turntable Servicing
We are able to service your turntables if you need us to and upgrading these can often produce considerable benefits.

We are fortunate in Bristol that our Operations Director Tony Revelle will assist in carrying out turntable servicing. He has 40 years experience with Linn and Rega turntables and many others.

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Meet the team

Max - Joined Audio T in October 2016.
Max has joined us after a life long interest in Hi-Fi, that stemmed from his grandparents keen interest. He has always loved music and is a proud owner of an Linn Sondek LP12 coupled with a classic Naim system, which he uses to spin his favourite LP's. He hasn't shied away from the digital side of things either, as he also loves to stream his mainly using Tidal and Qobuz.
Current system:
Linn Sondek LP12-Ittok, Dynavector 20X2, Naim NDX, Naim NAC42.5, Naim Hi-Cap, Naim NAP110, Chord Co. Cabling, B&W 805 Signature.
Favourite Artists: Max likes to listen to a wide variety of music, ranging from Jazz and Rock to Hip-Hop and Reggae Dancehall.


James - Joined Audio T in October 2016.
After studying Sound Engineering & Multi-media integration at Plymouth University James moved up to Bristol from Cornwall to join Audio T so he could pursue a career in High end Audio.
Hobbies: Going to gigs, Listening to music and Music production.
Current system: ProJect turntable, Naim Unitilite, Epos ELS 303
Favourite Artists: James has an eclectic taste and enjoy most genres but particularly likes Electronica and Drum & Bass. His favourite artist changes like the seasons so at the moment its Break.


Justin - Joined Audio T in August 2019.
Justin spent 10 years as a professional photographer and documentary film producer, culminating in an award winning film, Vanishing Sail. Joining Audio-T is a new career venture fulfilling his passion for music, high end audio technolgies and helping customers achieve a great musical performance from their systems, whatever the budget.
Hobbies: Hiking, documentary film & cryptic crosswords.
Current System: A 1994 Rotel 930ax amplifier, Technics PG480 CD Player with Mission M71i speakers. A nostalgic first system he bought whilst at University and like a fathful old dog, won't put it down.
Favourite Artists: A very wide range from Mozart to Prince & Led Zepplin.

What our customers say

  • Great deal and great service. Thanks to AudioT Southampton.
    Mr Comberbatch, Wellington - 9th April 2020
  • Always happy with the guys at Audio T. Free delivery is not as quick as some retailers probably because I seem to order at the Bristol Show, but I can live with that. This years show was very good by the way!
    Mr Hall, Doncaster - 4th April 2020
  • Excellent service would definitely use audio T for any future purchases .
    Mr Powell, Avon - 3rd April 2020
  • Friendly staff, great gear, and a good place to discuss various Hi-Fi requirements. As a musician I really appreciate high quality reproduction and this is the place to go !!! I enjoy popping into the Bristol shop to clean my records amongst other things, and to check out different gear that I see in the magazines. There is no substitute to having a listen yourself. This has helped me refine what really works as a serious upgrade to my home system. Keep up the good work !!!
    Mr Vince, Bristol - 2nd April 2020
  • I have bought a number of items from Audio-T in Bristol over the last few months and the service by James has been first class throughout. I was particularly pleased in the way that James understood what I was looking for in principle and was able to recommend a number of products that would be suitable for me and giving an honest opinion throughout. It has reminded me that it is always better to go to the smaller independent specialist retailers like AUDIO-T who better get to understand the customers need and have specialist and detailed knowledge of the products they can offer. Absolutely DELIGHTED
    Mr Booker, Bristol - 30th March 2020
  • All ways a pleasure to deal with the guys at the Portsmouth branch. All ways strive to give great advice and excellent customer service. Couldn't ask for better.
    Mr Broadbridge, Portsmouth - 29th March 2020
  • Audio T give great service. I'll be going back.
    Mr Bracken, Bristol - 22nd March 2020
  • Great advice, really cared about the products and gave great insights into the technology. Tested the headphones out on a flight and they were brilliant. Best headphones I have ever had. PXC 550 Sennheiser. Thanks Audio T.
    Mr Horton, Bristol - 16th March 2020
  • Polite & efficient service.
    Mrs Wynn, Bristol - 14th March 2020
  • Excellent service ! Very accommodating and professional. Good selection of quality products. Will use again.
    Mr Yeung, Weston-Super-Mare - 8th March 2020
  • really helpful, very friendly and excellent service.
    Mr Hardiman, Bristol - 5th March 2020
  • The guys at Audio T Bristol could not have been more helpful. I arranged a demo of a couple of amps and a couple of sets of speakers, took in some of my own vinyl and spent a good couple of hours listening to different combinations before settling on a mega Aethos and a pair of ATC SCM11s, which together form a great set up. I appreciate the time and patience invested in helping me get to the right choice and I am very happy with it. Delivery timescales were quoted and met and everything made easy. Thanks again!
    Mr Fraser, Bristol - 21st January 2020
  • I can highly recommend Audio T. The staff are helpful, friendly and very knowledgeable. I will definitely use them this year for a Linn LP12 service. Thanks guys.
    Mr Bisgrove, Frome - 13th January 2020
  • Really helpful and friendly staff. Installation of the new system was included and the result is a very pleasing and up to date system.
    Mr Elcock, Bristol - 10th November 2019
  • Great help from Max and James in arranging for home auditioning of a Naim Supercap on a couple of occasions before I decided to go ahead with the purchase.
    Mr Collinson, Bristol - 19th October 2019
  • Excellent service. Enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff who, more than anything, seem to want you to be happy with what you buy. And I am. Very.
    Mr Hatter, Bristol - 1st September 2019
  • Great service from the Bristol branch. Comfortable and private listening room - including a cup of tea. No rush.
    Mr Madeley, Malmesbury - 15th July 2019
  • Bought a Linn TT from Audio T and can only say good things about their professional service. They also follow the install up with a call to make sure you are happy and that all is well. Great retailler
    Mr Harrison, Exeter - 24th June 2019
  • Initially I wasn’t sure and after my first visit to the shop I wasn’t massively impressed. I had been recommended by a good friend so was happy to carry on and consider what was on offer. Met the guys at the Bristol Hi Fi show in particular Kevin S, he sat me down took the time to understand my requirements and set about building a system. He visited my home and did a demo with a couple of options, he took the time to try different speakers along with quality connects, the final decision was made on spec and after a couple more visits it was all in and tuned to my room. This guy was a genius I am very very happy and I wouldn’t recommend anyone else. My faith was completely restored in these guys.
    Mr Shearn, Bristol - 24th June 2019
  • Audio T in Oxford were very helpful when I was auditioning the products and have been supportive throughout the purchase. The Oxford guys Andrew and John are brilliant.
    Mr Peck, Wantage - 24th May 2019
  • Audio T at Bristol were helpful, professional, knowledgeable, and not at all pushy. A demo listening of the amp I was considering was set up on the basis of just walking in off the street. It was a less busy time during the week but even so, it made the process very easy. Set aside all the technical stuff you can read - it's how it sounds to you that matters. No reservations about going back.
    Mr Sinclair, Weston-Super-Mare - 19th May 2019
  • Great service, expert advice, friendly staff from the team at Bristol.
    Mr Langenaken, Sint-Truiden - 10th April 2019
  • Quick efficient and very friendly in the Bristol branch
    Mr Buckley, Gloucester - 5th April 2019
  • Audio T made the buying process at the Bristol HiFi Show very easy and quite painless. The Audio T representative certainly new his stuff and was friendly and very polite. My purchase arrived ahead of the given delivery date and was very well packaged. Would certainly buy from them again.
    Mr Malseed, Antrim - 2nd April 2019
  • Great and attentive service, no pressure, very pleasant listening room.
    Mr Buckingham, Bristol - 25th February 2019
  • Fulfilled request to source products not normally stocked, no hard sell on other products, did to-ing and fro-ing around initially requested system, provided advice on (eventually purchased) alternative.
    Mr Johnson, Bristol - 10th February 2019
  • Item in stock and picked up after online purchase. Everything very slick.
    Mr Widlake, Bristol. - 26th January 2019
  • Straight forward and easy.
    Mr Spark, Bristol - 10th January 2019
  • I have always found the staff at Audio T in Bristol to be very helpful and knowledgeable. They have helped me over many years choose audio equipment for my home and personal use with infinite patience which I have appreciated as I usually take a long time to decide what to buy and listen to many options before choosing and purchasing. I have always been treated with utmost respect and the suggestions and guidance offered has always been most helpful.
    Mr Cook, Wsm - 9th January 2019
  • Good service- good after sales support.
    Mr Booley, Bristol - 2nd October 2018
  • I have been dealing with Audio T for nearly 40 years - I would not go anywhere else.
    Mr Powell, Taunton - 19th August 2018
  • I cannot fault Audio T - I would not go to any other company
    Mr Powell, Taunton - 19th August 2018
  • As always very helpful and knowlegable advice from your excellent team.That's why I keep coming back!Many thanks.
    Mr Turner, Bristol - 15th May 2018
  • Excellent service.Very competent.
    Mr Davies, Mid Glam - 7th May 2018
  • Having a HI FI show to view (and listen) then buy at a discount, collect from your local store. As well as real professional advice, what more could you want.
    Mr Denton, Barry - 16th April 2018
  • Great advise from people who both know what they are talking about but also care..
    Mr Cornwell, Bristol - 5th April 2018
  • A great dealership who went to great lengths to ensure I was completely satisfied. The dealership came out to my home to set up and leave a pair of demonstration loudspeakers with me for a three day home demo. The level of customer service was exemplary. I wasn't rushed or pressured, the dealer listened to my thoughts and concerns and addressed all points to my satisfaction. I received a competitive trade in on my old speakers and enjoyed the whole buying experience with them. All in all a very knowledgable, friendly and professional dealership.
    Mr Sidebottom, Frome - 5th April 2018
  • Max at the Bristol branch provided expert advice and support (and a little patience!) in my recent purchase of a new Rega based turntable set up. I could not be more pleased with the outcome, and cannot recommend Max and his colleagues highly enough. Great service.
    Mr Young, Bristol - 13th March 2018
  • Really great service again. No sales pressure. Just simple try it and see what you think. Only problem was that my eyes were turned and I ended up buying a turntable as well!
    Mrs Payne, Bristol - 6th January 2018
  • Having built up a large Linn system over the years I recently downsized house and sold it and bought a Linn Mini System from a friend. This was fine but it’s age began to throw up issues so I went in to Audio T in Bristol for advice. The first thing I changed was the Linn Kan speakers for DynAudio M20, which lead to me changing the Linn Classik for an Arcam Solo which was on special offer at the Bristol HiFi show. I couldn’t get the tuner to work on the Solo and Audio T were helpful in finding the solution - a firmware update. I’d bought a Cocktail Audio to download my vinyl on to but never used it, so I sold this and bought a Rega Planar 2 deck with a Rega Fono Mini A2D pre-amp which has a USB outlet to create digital files. In the space of a year I have totally changed and upgraded my system for a total of just over £1000 having sold my previous equipment on eBay. I couldn’t have done this without the advice and demo facility at Audio T, and am getting so much more pleasure from my hi fi these days.
    Mr Armsden, Bristol - 15th December 2017
  • Excellent service throughout. I had a problem with the Rega P3, which was dealt with promptly and replaced. I have since returned to purchase an amplifier. My system has never sounded better.
    Mr Bush, Bristol - 13th December 2017
  • Max and the guys were awesome. I was a total newbie to high end hifi and was about to take the plunge with a system I’d ‘read’ was good. Max made some suggestions and I’m now the proud owner of a great setup that’s perfect for my needs. Really appreciated the non-pushy sales approach and the great level of communication. Great experience and customer service.
    Mr Summers, Sutton Coldfield - 8th December 2017
  • Quick service on internet order, ex-display time arrived in good condition.
    Mr Abrahams, Winchester - 8th December 2017
  • Great demo and helpful after sales service from Max and James
    Mr Norval, Bristol - 3rd November 2017
  • Nothing but good things to say about the team at Audio T Bristol. Originally looked at the 3 and the 6 a few months ago, then went back to try them out in the listening room for a couple of hours. Having made the decision to buy the P6, I was informed that there would be a poss 3-5 week wait. Not unexpected, due to its rave reviews. The guys managed to get me one in 10 days. Not all disappointed with a lovely deck. Any odd faint hums which were there with previous deck completely gone. The sound and mechanism of the P6 are all i'd hoped for. That's me done for many years now..
    Mr Murdoch, Bristol - 17th October 2017
  • Very helpful ,very efficient and pleasant staff.I was very pleased with the service, thanks especially to Max at Bristol.
    Mr Mills, Five Acres - 9th October 2017
  • Excellent company, with top class customer service. Pulled out all the stops when my shipment didn't arrive on time. Couldn't ask for more.
    Mr O'regan, Bristol - 5th October 2017
  • Extremely helpful team. Happy to answer all my questions and very supportive with ideas and views. The demo was very helpful and given all the time I needed. Ordering of equipment was efficient. I was kept informed at all times. A very good experiance.
    Mr Carroll, Bristol - 16th September 2017
  • The best audio buying experience I've had. AudioT couldn't have been more helpful or patient. A demo at the dealership in Bristol was followed by them bringing the Contour 60's to my home for a further week's demo', advising on the sound dynamics of my room and then setting up the speakers very precisely until we were all happy with the result. The best part of a day's work. These guys are very knowledgeable and didn't ever try to sell me anything I didn't need. Like my speakers, my end dealer. Thanks Kevin, Tony and Max for everything.
    Mr Lishman, Stoke-Sub-Hamdon - 7th September 2017
  • I dealt with the Bristol store, very helpful - they arranged a trade-in of my old separates system which was very competitive and straightforward. When I had a problem with the first Mu-so unit they arranged a replacement very quickly. Very helpful and a pleasure to deal with.
    Mr Blake, Newport - 19th August 2017
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